My New Book Living More Than OK

My New Book Living More Than OK
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keep Growing in Your Creativity

Part of the continual journey of Living More than OK is tapping into your creativity. I have said it before and keep telling students that we are all creative to some degree. And that degree of creativity in us can grow and improve. Like all aspects of our living to keep life to the fullest we need to keep progressing and growing on our journey. That is so true in creativity. Know which areas of creativity relate to you, writing, poetry, music, drawing, photography or acting. For initial exploring of creativity expressions that fit you explore on the internet websites like ,, or other sites you find on a web search for creativity.

Exploring information like that may give you insight whether you wish to work on writing, music or drawing. Another important help in growing in your creativity is doing it. Make time in your schedule to practice the piano, take photos with your camera or set aside time to write. Is this easy to do? To be honest no. The weeds of activities choke out opportunity to practice the creative arts in our lives. The just getting by, ok life is full of these weeds making our time fill up with unimportant activities that keep us from growing into the more than ok life. The life of flourishing abundance we were meant to live. So we need to in our time schedules do our best to honor our potential possibilities for growth by setting aside time for creativity.

One very important way to grow in our creativity is the being a bookhead approach. My daughter still thinks of me as a bookhead. Take advantage of the great books on tapping into your creativity. I will look at a variety of authors who are expert writers and their books on writing and the arts are like having a personal mentor beside you. You can learn more about creativity and the various art forms by reading their books.

The author I wish to speak of today is Eric Maisel, Ph. D. He is a family therapist as his Ph D is in Counseling Psychology. Another aspect of his counseling practice is he is a famous Creativity Coach. He has written fiction and nonfiction books. His nonfiction books focus primarily on the arts and creativity. As an author he speaks to the heart of creativity in all of us. His books are very practical as well, with exercises and activities to do and think over. I have in my book library his Creativity for Life; A Writer’s Space, and Coaching the Artist Within. What I like is he speaks to all areas of the arts. Personally I am presently trying to grow in my writing side of my creativity. His books have been an encouragement to me as I try to haltingly progress.

All kinds of important topics are covered in his writings: writer’s block, the creative process, self awareness, growth, staying committed to your artwork. These are important areas for all artists to continue to grow in to improve their creative side and keep improving in their chosen art specialty. He also includes writing prompts and thought provoking reflections to help the reader grow in their lives. So if you are desiring to grow in the artistic and creative side of your life Check out some book by Dr. Eric Maisel. You can find out more about Dr. Maisel at his website --

Take some time to explore the above mentioned websites on creativity. What new ideas about creativity did you learn? What area of art do you want to explore and improve in? Check out one of Dr. Maisel’s books at a local library and try out one of his creativity exercises. Write down what yo learned from the experience.

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