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My New Book Living More Than OK
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Breaking Free From To Do Lists To Savor Texas Bluebonnets

With a house especially in Spring time, there are always To Do’s to keep the weekend busy. House cleaning and yard cleaning can make the weekend as hectic as the workweek. Sometimes, (not always), it is more important to wad up the “To Do List” and give it a toss to enjoy a more than ok weekend. My wife and I did that this past weekend. We used most of Saturday for a Country drive to Wimberly, Texas to look at the Texas Bluebonnets, a wild flower that is the state flower for Texas. Bluebonnets are one of my wife’s favorite flowers. Thankfully our first year in the San Antonio area has been a good year for bluebonnets.

We took a country back roads route to Wimberly from New Braunfels so we could enjoy the wild flowers in the fields and ranches. Also this allowed us to take a slower pace to enjoy savoring the scenery. Country roads help to learn enjoying the journey, instead of rushing from point A to point B like we too often do. Just as we entered Wimberly, there was a field in front of a health services plaza and church that was full of Bluebonnets. It was there where we took most of our pictures.

Since it was our first time to Wimberly we took some time to look around before taking pictures. There were many interesting shops and since our main focus of the day was flowers we said to each other that we have to come again for the shops. It was lunchtime when we reached the town so we decided to grab a bite to eat. We asked at the Visitor’s Center and they gave suggestions and we went with the nearest restaurant named The Leaning Pear. It is just Caddy Corner across the street from the Visitor’s Center.

If you are in Wimberly I definitely recommend The Leaning Pear as a place to eat. The restaurant was clean and neat even the outdoors area where we ate. All the staff were very friendly and helpful. The food was refreshingly fresh and tasty. We shared the Caprese Panini and their House salad which had crispy sweet pear slices on top. Since Wimberly is not too far from New Braunfels we will definitely go back. If you are in the Wimberly area their website is

After lunch we decided it was photography time with the bluebonnets. We went back to the field at the edge of town and parked. We each had our cameras so went to various parts to the field to take photos. I mention in the title to savor bluebonnets. Savoring is allowing the experience to soak in to your inner being. It is not a quick rush click click of the camera and back into the car. We probably spent over a half hour roaming around the field taking panoramic shots and close-ups of the flowers. By slowing down and savoring God’s creation you can enjoy the beauty more fully.

We need balance in our lives. We do need to take care of our homes but during the various seasons we need to take time to break out of routines and enjoy other aspects of life. For my wife and I enjoying God’s creation of flowers in Springtime is one of those breakaways. Our yard and garden is definitely calling but I foresee other short trips around the Hill Country to enjoy God’s creative touch in nature.

Reflection: Are the “ToDo’s” getting the best of you. On a weekend take a day to break away to do something you enjoy. Go to the beach, a country drive, visit a small town you have never been to. Take time to do it at a slower pace to truly savor the experience.

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