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My New Book Living More Than OK
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Enjoying Summer Reading as a Bookhead

Being the Bookhead I am, I enjoy seeing an emphasis on reading during the Summertime. Even if we are working during the Summer there is change of pace that opens up time for more reading. I noticed that our local library does not only have Summer reading programs for children but also for adults. Many magazines and newspapers have suggested reading lists for the Summer. Oprah’s Magazine in the July issue has a variety of books to read. The Writer magazine in the June issue has 25 suggested books from editors and writers. Here also are a few websites that also have good ideas for selections of books:

Harpers Bazaar


The Blaze’s Summer Reading List

Books for children and teens

Also if you have children find creative ways to encourage reading. While traveling recently I came across the Summer issue of MASK magazine, . They had some tips and information about Summer reading for children. The article spoke of the issue of summer brain drain that children can lose up to two months worth of reading skill during the Summer if they are not doing any reading. This makes sense as in any discipline – use it or lose it. So they suggest, which I fully support, being involved with your children in Summer library reading programs. They had some creative ideas as well, such as if you are taking a vacation have the children read up on the area you are traveling to. Or as new movies come out see if there is a book related to it and read the book together with them and discuss both. Also make use of electronic media such as e-readers. That keeps them reading in a format they are used to if they enjoy being on the computer.

During the Summer do reacquaint yourself and your children to your local library. I encourage supporting your local bookstore for books you really like and want to have in your collection. Unless you are rich you can’t buy all the books so that is a great thing about the library. On the receipt on my library printout, when I check out a book, it reminds me of how much money I have saved. Plus as you go through the shelves of books you can come across new books to expand your mind in new directions. Whichever direction you go in your reading this Summer put trying to be a Bookhead in your schedule.

Reflection: Look through a few lists of Summer reading lists. I give you a few list ideas above. See if there is a book that peaks your interest. Try reading something new from your regular style. Visit your local library and read a book from a new author or a non-fiction topic that is new to you.

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