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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Getting Around To It: A Fall Riverwalk Stroll

There are always more errands than time on a weekend. Often the errand lists stop us from getting around to pleasurable activities that can add to a Living More Than OK Life. Sometimes we need to take a break from the fast paced weekend duties to slow down and make the most of this thing we call life.

For months my wife and I had talked about taking a Saturday morning to stroll along the San Antonio Riverwalk. Each weekend would come and go with new to do items filling up the weekend. Noticing that the weather was going to be clear on the weekend, I thought we would never get to our idea of enjoying that Riverwalk stroll if we kept letting the weekend rituals get the best of us. So we made a plan to use our Saturday morning to drive over to the Riverwalk.

We started at the Pearl Brewery, (due North and slightly East of Downtown), where they have a Farmers’ Market to enjoy on the weekend as well. This is also where the newest area of the San Antonio Riverwalk has been built. We had never been to this Farmer’s Market and quickly decided we must come back again to shop there. This morning’s mission though was the Riverwalk . We purchased a cup of homemade Strawberry Basil ice cream and headed over to the Riverwalk.

As we slowly walked towards downtown we took pictures of the landscaping of the gardens and trees alongside the river. There were a variety of flowers along the way. Since we were having some landscaping down at our house seeing the gardens along the way gave us more ideas for the future. At each of the bridges they showcased artwork and tile murals which added to enjoying the stroll. It took us about 40 minutes to make it to the Downtown area of the Riverwalk. Distance wise it was probably about a mile and a half from the Pearl Brewery area.

With all the walking and the sun coming out strong by 11 am we thought it would be best to grab a bite to eat before heading back to our car. We ate at an Italian Eatery, Michelina’s, right on the river. There is such a selection of restaurants on the Riverwalk. Italian is one of our favorites so this fit the bill. We were debating doing the walk back or taking a River taxi back up to the Brewery. After a tasty lunch we decided to walk back. Going back was a little more slow paced as I was taking more pictures since the sun was out. Also going back I liked the different perspective of the artwork along the way. Art is best viewed from different angles and perspectives.

Upon arriving home we both realized our muscles were feeling the miles of the walk. Time wise it did take longer than I had anticipated but we both had enjoyed the experience. It was important that we could enjoy that time together of enjoying the calmness of the new area of the Riverwalk with the trees, flowers and birds. Errands and fixing things up around the house are important too, but they are always there. Times together, enjoying the outdoors and people watching are helpful to refresh us from the weekly errand rituals we get stuck into in what feels like unending cycles of boredom. What have you been putting off getting around to?

Reflection: Look at your weather forecast and plot out a hike or bike activity during this Fall season. Take some time afterwards to reflect on the experience and how it refreshed and relaxed you.

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