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My New Book Living More Than OK
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Celebrate Love of Reading During National Library Week

As a Bookhead, this week is one of my favorite weeks. It is National Library week. Since my early experiences with Summer library reading programs in my hometown of Barberton, Ohio libraries have been important to me. It was the library that opened up a love of learning in their Summer reading program. One reason I improved as a student in my early years I owe to my mother pushing me to be involved in reading throughout the year, books from the library. We were on the lower income spectrum so the library was a great place to gets books since I could not buy them.
The local library was also my first job as well throughout my time in high school. As I later moved to college my work through college jobs bounced back between working at the campus library or janitorial work. So I am thankful for that aspect of the library in my life.
I am looking forward to finishing my PhD dissertation so I can be more involved in reading a variety of books from my local library. Right now the Capella University online library has been my rich source of journal articles for my dissertation preparation.

At the American Library Association website there is a link for Library week: there they state the Library week began in 1958. That was a good year as that was when I was born. Each year they have a theme and this year it is “Libraries Transform”. If you click on the preceding link you can go to their website and learn more information about the week.

As I reflect on the theme “Libraries Transform” I can truly see that in my own life. I am thankful I had positive teachers in my foundational years in elementary school. Yet I can see how the Summer reading programs at Barberton Public library transformed me in broadening my love of reading. That then had a spiraling effect over the years in my critical and creative thinking to propel me to improve my academics over the years. My belief in the importance of lifelong learning stems from the transformation in growing a love of reading which started with my mother introducing me to the library.

The Capella university library has been a helpful resource in finding journal articles on my dissertation research. The librarians there have been helpful during my coursework providing ideas on expanding my research topics in gathering the hundreds of articles needed. On the Capella Library website they show how they transform students: “The Capella University Library helps Capella learners transform by:
• Answering more than 8,800 questions from learners each year.
• Providing access to 56,000 journals and 193,000 books in our library.
• Performing 1,400 individual consultations with learners about their dissertation research each year.”
I know I have asked them questions over my years of study there. An attribute found in librarians is that they are helpful. Some of the best customer service I have seen over the years has been found in those who work in libraries.

When I looked at the website for my local New Braunfels Library I noticed their mission statement: “To provide the community with equal access to physical and virtual environments that support and encourage lifelong learning and enrichment.” That statement is a year round commitment to the National Library week theme of “Libraries Transform”. Helping people to think about living the best life possible; which is one basic thought behind my blog and my book, Living More Than OK; is seen in the desire to encourage lifelong learning. A person who is involved in their local library will never live a dull life as they are continually being enriched by the knowledge and the power of story that can be found in opening up the mind and spirit found from reading books.

Do you feel like you need some transforming in your life? Stop by your local library and search for a fiction or nonfiction book to start the transformation.

Reflection: What does the library mean to you? What
thoughts or memories come to mind in thinking over the theme “Libraries Transform”? Check out this website to see how you can be more involved with your local library.

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