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Friday, May 25, 2012

Positivity, Art, and Possibilities

Art always amazes me with the impact it has to affect the emotions and our inner spirit. That is one reason I enjoy viewing art in museums and art shows. I appreciate the artist’s talent but also seek to find a message for myself in the artwork. The picture above this column is a small painting that I recently purchased in my office. Even though it is small it packs an expansive message to me as I view it.

It is an art piece by Kelly Rae Roberts. I like to know the stories of artists so I went to her website, . I was surprised initially to see she studied social work not art in her educational pursuits. She worked as a social worker and when she was 30 she followed her passion into art. She describes herself as a “lover of life and people”, on her website. As I think over the pictures I saw in the store of her work that is very true of her artwork. I can see how social worker creatively fits into what she paints.

Her style comes across to me as modern and abstract. But it is not a harsh abstract that often turns me off in museums. Her choices of colors feel very calming and positive. Her lover of people orientation to me is seen in many of the paintings as she has people in them or positive phrases that can encourage and uplift the human soul.

That is what drew me to the painting I purchased, “Believe in Possibility”. There is a path or a road across the middle of the picture and then t me I view it as an ongoing field on the other side with the sky bright with light. The green around the edges add a peaceful feeling to me. The “believe in possibility”, stands out in the light of the sky.

Sometimes life is like that, settled on one side of the road, a little dark but comfortable as that is where we are and what we are familiar with. But a dream or a passion we may have, may mean to take a risk across the darker road and follow our field of dreams. We can be stopped from following into the light by saying to ourselves “it is not possible”. But two verses come to mind that I thought of in the store when I bought this painting. One is Matthew 19:26 “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Then in Mark 9:23 “All things are possible to him who believes.” One writer, Matthew focuses in on God in the equation that God makes all things possible and then Mark is looking at our human responsibility to have faith and believe in the God of possibilities.

As I look over my life I have been stopped many times from my lack of faith in possibilities coming true. So I stayed stunted in the foreground of the painting and not enjoying the light on the other side of the path. It is easier too often to say that is impossible to a new opportunity, rather than take a chance to try. This painting now in my office is a reminder that there are future possibilities ahead for the good that I have not even imagined yet. And some even right in front of me that I need to step across the road to enjoy them. I just need to keep faith in the God of possibilities as I step out and cross the road.

Reflection: What does “Believe in Possibility” mean to you? Is there new possibilities facing you and you need to step out in faith to give them a try?

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  1. Hello, Frank Coulson.

     Your heartwarming works fascinates my heart.

     Thank you for your kindness.
     And i pray for you and yours peace.

    Have a good new-week. From Japan, ruma ❃